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About Catherine L. Bauer

Background, Experience, and Vision

Catherine is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, and has been working professionally in the field since 2000. Originally, she worked in a Chiropractic Clinic (Dinkytown Family Chiropractic) in Minneapolis. After a few years in that 'alternative' medical setting Catherine returned to Hastings, MN where she was born and raised. Even as a little girl she practiced her therapeutic touch and tried to promote healing through massage and bodywork. She schooled at Sister Rosalinds' as well as Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork, and has taken many continuing education classes. Massage is a work from the heart for Catherine.  Catherine was trained in Kundalini Yoga and Integration Yoga at The Center for Happiness in Mpls. MN. She has been teaching yoga since 2006.  Her goal is to create awareness and to be a catalyst in the healing process. She believes- All healing begins with relaxation. Mind and Body are not separate. Your vessel is the only place you spend your whole life, and that massage & bodywork are transformative tools to help maintain balance in your vessel. The Creative Art of Massage, Sound, and Bodywork are some of the greatest sources of JOY in Catherines life. Through her living example she hopes to insipre you to...Be Yourself~You're the Only One Who Can! She promotes the motivation of AFFECTIONISM instead of PERFECTIONISM... A Bhakti yoga idea of loving devotion regardless of "Percieved Imperfections". Great PEACE awaits us as we search for our TRUTH...Health and Happiness to you!

Her guiding daily Mantra is...I KNOW WHO I AM, I KNOW WHAT I AM, I KNOW HOW I SERVE.